Beginner Guide to blogging for money 2020: How to start a blog and make money?


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This Beginner Bloggin Guide is really helpful for learning the basic elements of blogging right from creating blog to posting articles, monetizing blogs, etc.

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You can reach out to a million people through your ideas and knowledge based on lifestyle, fashion, travel, cooking, reviews, tips and tricks of daily life, education, tutorials, and so on. When you help needy people, you will be paid off by their blessings. A business is not for making money but for establishing a strong relationship and trust among the people. When you win the hearts of a million people, you don’t need to worry about yourself because you have earned many fans who are worried about you. A blog is also the same. And your success in blogging is the strong relation and trust among the readers how much have earned. Do ever ask yourself why I don’t make money online? Basically, we think only about our needs, but we never try to understand the problem of someone else. But remember, when you short out the problem of someone, your business will get established and start earning. If you wish to help someone in this technological world, you can learn blogging rather than hypothetical earning.


Why should I get this eBook?

  1. Any one can learn the blogging from scratch to professional level
  2. Creating Accounts for Gmail, YouTube, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Business
  3. Practical Manual help for Signing Up Blogger
  4. Writing Blog Pages: Welcome, About, Contact, Sitemap, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  5. Custom Blog Template Theme Installation and Customization
  6. You will get a free and customized blog template attached with this eBook
  7. Downloading Copyright free images, videos, music and soud effects
  8. Editing images and logo designing in Photoshop
  9. Filming Videos with Mobile Camera
  10. Recording and Editing audio with Audacity
  11. Basic Video Making Course for Movavi Video Editor
  12. Publishing videos and Audios on YouTube
  13. Creating Blog Posts and Publication
  14. Submitting blog to Google Console for better SEO and results
  15. Monetization of Blog with Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate marketing
  16. Generating Traffics and Subscribers
  17. Promote and Advertise the blog through Facebook and WhatsApp

What should I have before blogging?

  1. A smart-phone and Desktop or Laptop (Computer) with Internet Connection
  2. Good knowledge of reading and writing in any language
  3. There is no necessary that you should be a professional writer and speaker but you must have a thirst of learning by heart.


The eBook and a customized blog template theme packed in a zipped file, you need to extract after downloading. If you don’t have no idea, how to extract a zipped file, click the link:

This eBook is purely recommended for your personal learning purpose only. The author is not liable for mistranslation, mistranscription and any inadvertent errors contained in the ebook.


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Beginner Guide to blogging for money 2020: How to start a blog and make money?